Rural and urban ecosystems: New manual summarizes experiences

Sustainable Rural and Urban Ecosystems: Design, Implementation and Operation. Manual for Practice and Study.

The experiences of the Ecological Engineering Society IÖV and of it´s members for designing and handling rural and urban ecosystems are summarized in this manual for practice and study. It also contains the findings of the more than 10 years of IÖV-projects at the Ghana-based ValleyView University, where IÖV helped to establish a real holistic ecosystem and university. The approach, methods, examples and the toolbox may assist to design, implement and operate such kind of systems accompanied by an integrated mass, quality and information management.

Editors: Gunther Geller and Detlef Glücklich in cooperation with Reinhard Perfler and Laurent Richard of BOKU-university in Vienna, and Annette Otte and Dietmar Simmering of Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. Available via Springer-Publishers. 

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